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Shock Absorber Buffers

Unigom shock absorber buffers, mounted on the stem, allow to absorb the energy released during the sudden jolt when the vehicle is subjected during normal use. Unigom buffers are quality products that preserve the shock absorbers from fast usury.



Sleeves for air, water, oil and fuel passage. Unigom sleeves are made of rubber and can withstand a temperature of -30 °C +120 °C with a peak of +130 °C. Resist implosion, vibration, corrosion and help to reduce noise.


Brake and Clutch Tubes

Unigom offers a full range of brake and clutch tubes to ensure maximum reliability. The brake hoses are used in any brake system and must be checked at each service interval and replaced periodically. The flexible brake hoses are a major component of the braking system of a car and have important influence on the performance of the braking of the car. Unigom brake hoses are designed and developed according to quality guidelines developed by the producers of original components and meet high standards of quality and safety.



Steering box caps, constant-velocity joint caps, constant-velocity joint caps Kits, axle shafts caps.

Caps are essential for security and reliability of the car. Protect, in fact, the delicate gears of the gearbox and the wheels from exposure to dust and weather conditions and help maintain the layer of grease needed for the lubrication of the gear. Unigom caps are able to adapt to joint to protect and are constructed with materials resistant to sudden changes in temperature, water and lubricating oils and can withstand prolonged mechanical stress. The materials carefully selected and tested by Unigom far exceed the most severe specifications of vehicle manufacturers.


Engine Mounts

Engine mounts, anti vibration mounts.

Unigom engine mounts do so that the pleasure and comfort of driving to take the place of noise and vibration, protecting the life of many other important components of the vehicle. · Products Unigom exploit advanced techniques, this reduces the stress all other connected components. Not only increases the life of belts and belt, but it also reduces the noise level inside the car, improving ride comfort.


Shock Mounts

Unigom rubber brackets offer a quality that is guaranteed throughout the period of use with the same leverage and vibration absorption.


Silent Block

Used for vibration damping on the moving parts, Unigom silent blocks allow precise, simple and fast car leveling, ability to absorb shocks, noise and vibration damping.


Transmission Couplings

A wide range of rubber and rubber-metal transmission couplings for any type of application. Unigom couplings help dampen vibrations and compensate for movement between the moving parts ensuring quiet operation and high reliability.


Hydraulic Drive and Oil Cooling Tubes

Unigom offers a complete range of rubber hoses for hydraulic drive and oil cooling. Unigom hoses range offers products designed for high performance in terms of: wide temperature range, high abrasion resistance, flame propagation, resistance to high pressures, high resistance to ozone and weathering, extreme flexibility, compactness.


Drive Shaft Pulleys

The drive shaft pulley (torsional vibration damper or mass damper) is a device that absorbs the vibrations from the drive shaft. The vibration dampers are essential for the proper functioning of the drive shaft and the engine, so you need to replace them with high quality products. Unigom is able to provide complete systems, offering a wide range of vibration dampers parts, which are ideally suited for application and can replace all the available models.


Alternator Pulleys

High quality alternator pulleys. Unigom wide range of alternator pulleys covers all major models of the market.


Silencer Brackets

Unigom silencer brackets are ideal for dynamic applications, due to their high strength.



Steering box axles, clutch racks, axle gear levers, pedal cover, rubber tips. A wide range of smallware rubber for all applications.



Clamps in nylon, metal, Panduit.

PANDUIT is a leading global manufacturer of components and wiring accessories: nylon cable ties 6.6, corrosion, stainless steel cable ties, cable ties with UL / CSA and RINA, cable system identifier.


Thermostat Flanges

The alloys used can satisfy most requirements with a good cost/features ration, and good resistance to corrosion.



Pulleys, pumping oil, non-return valves, steering joints, cylinder head flanges for Fiat Diesel engines, etc.

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