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Kayaba Shock Absorbers

Kayaba is the largest producer of shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers. Over a million shock absorbers are produced every week. Kayaba Europe GmbH offers superior quality of its products and customer service in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Premium Shock Absorbers

Oil shocks, and cartridges. For the technology used and the controls at the factory, customers can reasonably expect the intrinsic characteristics and performance such that the vehicle control and driving comfort better than when the vehicle was new. Premium type has been specifically designed to compensate for the wear of other components of the suspension system. In this way it will provide better handling and improved directional accuracy.

  • Economic substitution of the original components
  • Double three-stage Valves
  • Oil seal with multiple boards
  • Piston rod chrome thick
  • Piston rod with hard chrome plating

Excel-G Shock Absorbers

Twin-tube gas shock absorbers and cartridges. The patented valve system with the system nitrogen pressure allows a more comfortable ride and at the same time, drastically reduces air infiltration that occur frequently in shock and are a major cause of the beginning of the decay of their performance, even just a few minutes from the assembly.

  • Recovery of benefits as the original
  • The one-way valves reduce the phenomenon of infiltration and consequently the deterioration in the performance
  • Double three-stage Valves
  • Teflon coated piston valve
  • Inner cylinder and eye fastening seamless, no leak possible
  • Bushings and sleeves glued
  • Piston rod chrome thick

Gas-a-Just Shock Absorbers

Monotube dampers to high-pressure gas.

  • Recovery of benefits as the original mono-tube
  • Improving the performance of the original members double tube
  • Total elimination of leaks and the deterioration in the performance
  • Up to 30% more damping than double tube components
  • Single cylinder with thick walls
  • The plunger of phenolic type allows obtaining high performance
  • The additional floating piston separates the oil and compressed nitrogen to get a better response speed
  • Bushings mounted without the use of intermediate elements provide greater strength and eliminate the noise

Ultra-SR Shock Absorbers

Monotube gas shock absorbers and high-pressure cartridges. Type Ultra SR has been specifically designed to achieve 'excellent driving stability, while the highest level of safety for drivers demanding sports that require high levels of driveability. MacPherson gas system.

  • For the sporty driver
  • Excellent driving stability and maximum safety
  • A higher damping factor allows the obtaining of a road holding and steering precision and high stability
  • High performance in combination with steel-belted tires or low type. Total elimination of leaks and the deterioration in the performance

AGX Shock Absorbers

Double tube adjustable shock absorbers and gas cartridges. The KYB AGX adjustable gas shock absorbers allow the driver to adjust the damping to be easily adapted to specific driving conditions.

  • Multi-stage damping manually adjustable with four or eight-way
  • It is not necessary to lift the vehicle for adjustment or special tools required
  • Adjusting for all types of driving, from quiet to sporty
  • Unique sequential valve system
  • Sintered piston ensures high strength and increases the duration
  • Inner cylinder and loop without joints

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