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Clutch Kit 4 Pieces with rigid Flywheel


Clutch Kit 4 Pieces with rigid Flywheel

The 4-piece kit with rigid flywheel is a replacement product of the amortized double flywheel: it has been specially developed by Valeo for the aftermarket.

The market for replacement of the amortized dual flywheels is a nascent market, driven by recent developments in these products in the field of 1 equipment. This new technology has led to a rise in the friction function, in case of repair, resulting in a significant increase in the cost of repairing the clutch.

To provide the aftermarket a cheaper alternative for products that are mainly intended to be fitted on models of vehicles already old, Valeo has developed the concept of the kit with 4 pieces flying disk, which allows a saving of up to 30% of the parts.

In the 4-piece kit, consisting of a flywheel drive and a traditional 3-piece kit, the filtering function of the vibration and noise, which was originally performed by the Dual-mass flywheel is transferred to a clutch of technology WX, thanks to its large game angle, provides a strong ability to filter while transmitting a powerful torque.

For some vehicles, the 4-piece kit also allows an increase in the duration, thanks to a larger area of friction. This new technical solution Valeo, certified "valeorigin ', so both the Dual-mass flywheel replaces the original clutch kit, when you need to change the whole system.

Currently the range Valeo 4-piece kit consists of four references to VAG applications - 1.9 TDI engines - Volkswagen Polo 1.9 D, Transit (2000>) and PSA - 2.0 Hdi engines. In addition, Valeo has launched a program to develop a broader, more for this type of product and market regularly in the coming months, extension of range for a number of vehicles equipped as standard with double cushioned flying.

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