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Universal Unlocking

WD-40 was invented in 1953 in California by the San Diego Rocket Chemical in a small workshop of three people. NASA had to solve the problems of corrosion and protection of electrical contacts on its rockets. He asked his suppliers to invent a water repellent. They tried the last formulas DIFFERENT 40 th was born perfect and WD-40. First WD-40 was used in the aerospace and military, but the product is so versatile that employees of the Rocket Chemical used it at home.

In 1958 the inventor Norm Larsen was able to put WD-40 in a can. Since then WD-40 is used both in industry and at home. Today, the company WD-40 Company, took its name from its famous product and has become a world leader.


Lubrificante Multifunzione

Multipurpose lubricant WD-40 most used thanks to its five exceptional features: waterproof, anti-corrosive, lubricant, detergent, degreaser. Today even more functional thanks to the new dual action spray with a straw built which allows vaporization or long-range precision on parts not easily accessible.

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