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Philips Lighting

Philips Automotive Lighting, a business unit of Royal Philips Electronics is a major supplier of lamps for industry and the automotive aftermarket. Our products improve safety and comfort of the world they illuminate. Combining technical innovation attention to safety and driving comfort of drivers, Philips is a leading global automotive suppliers. Philips lamps are installed in almost all cars in the world.


Premium Lamps

Up to 30% more light on the road. Our Premium range of lamps consists of halogen lamps that generate 30% more light than ordinary halogen lamps.


VisionPlus Lamps

Up to 50% more light on the road. Install lamps VisionPlus is an investment in optimizing the safety and comfort. · The Philips VisionPlus bulbs produce 50% more light on the road than normal lamps. The extra light is measured at a distance of 50-75 meters in front of the car. More precisely where it is needed. · Philips VisionPlus enables you to anticipate the obstacles, namely reading the signs, and see other road users more quickly than other less efficient lamps. 50% more light on the road and the increased length of the beam (10-20 meters), at an average speed of 80 km/h, you gain a second reaction time.

VisionPlus lamps available in: H1, H4, H7, P21W, P21/5W


NightGuide Lamps

NightGuide: Safety Technology 3 in 1. The best innovation, recommended for maximum safety! The range of NightGuide bulbs produce a light refined and focused in three directions to provide visual information to the motorist at the right time.


1-Safety Zone. Better visibility and improved response. NightGuide generates a focused beam of bright white light. With a projection of light that offers 50% more light than standard lamps, the light beam is located about 50-75 meters of the car.

2-Information Zone. Better visibility of road signs. The blue light shining on the right of the beam provides better visibility of road signs just as the driver needs it most.

3-Comfort Zone. Greater concentration on the area of security, for greater visual comfort of motorists that cross. Warm white light pushes the driver to concentrate on the safety zone and at the same time, it does not dazzle the traffic.

NightGuide lamps available in: H1, H4, H7 R, H7 S


BlueVision Lamps

A blue light that lasts longer. Motorists prefer daylight. Daylight offers greater visibility. That's why Philips has developed the Ultra BlueVision lamps. The car lamps BlueVision are coated in light blue. This coating creates a daylight type of light (similar to Xenon). The whiter light up to 4000 Kelvin. The bright daylight lamps produced by BlueVision improves the reflection of road signs. Night driving becomes a pleasure of the motorist by reducing fatigue and promoting the anticipation of contingencies on the road.

BlueVision lamps are available in: H1, H3, H4, H7, HB3 9005, HB4 9006, W5W, T4W and H6W.


X-treme Power Lamps

Up to 80% more light on the road. The new X-treme Power Halogen lamps are in line with European regulations ECE R37. The explosive concentration of technology:

  • Cap covered with palladium and chrome base
  • Special anti-reflective coating
  • Improved geometrical position of the filament
  • New composition of the filling gas pressure is adjusted
  • Quartz glass

X-treme Power lamps available in: H4, H7

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