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Magneti Marelli


Rotanting Machines

More than 500 codes of new products assembled in OE from the main European car manufacturers and 1400 references reconditioned units, which offer comparable services to the new product, set to reach 90% coverage of the European car fleet.

Parts for Starters and Alternators

Solenoids, Clutches, Rotors, Coils, Electronic Regulators, Rectifier Bridges, Holders

1300 components for cars and trucks.

Small Motors

Wiper, Rear wiper, Moto-reducers, electric fan interior, electric radiator fans

Over 400 original products of similar quality, for cars and trucks: a wide range of components for any need.

Electronic Systems

Ignition electronic control units, electronic control of injection and new tires, fuel filters, Electro, Power Modules, Electric fuel pumps, throttle Reinforcement, Pressure, Sensors, VAE and attenuators minimal supervision.


Ignition Distributors, Coils, caps, boosters, Contacts, capacitors, switch plates, Correction of depression, Switches theft.

Board instrumentation and sensors

A set of products consists of about 400 references, including components of instrument panels and sensori.Di particular interest is the range of controls and fuel gauge floats, all the original products as original equipment fitted to a substantial coverage of the park.


Release steering wheel switches, Switches.

Lambda Probes

Lambda Probes Zirconium, Titanium.

Pumps for Water Oil Fuel

Maximum reliability in the replacement, guaranteed by the quality of the first plant, a total of 450 codes.


Overhead projectors and auxiliary fog lights, front and rear lights.


Headlights, lamps for auxiliary lights, lamps for domestic vehicles, special lamps

The complete response to the needs of the European park.

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