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IPS Parts


IPS Asian Parts

IPS is a young company that relies on partners with extensive experience. Asian suppliers, carefully selected and for which IPS guarantees in Italy and abroad, the quality and compliance with the technical specifications of products. High quality replacement for Asian and American cars.


Clutch Kits

The high-quality products are imported from major original equipment manufacturers in Japan and Korea. Among these accounts also known brands such as: AISIN, NKK, PHC VALEO, EXEDI.


Water Pumps

The IPS Parts offers competitive quality products, imported from the major Asian producers such as: GBM, GWA, KSP, AISIN.


Brake Pumps

All components used in IPS Brake pumps are manufactured to meet the specifications of original equipment and ensure a high level of reliability, the pistons in steel and aluminum are anodized or treated to improve their resistance.


Brake Discs and Brake Pads

The IPS brake discs and pads are manufactured to original specifications of assembly and provide comprehensive coverage of the Asian and American car fleet. The brake discs and pads IPS Parts offer maximum strength and wear resistance and less weight than many products on the market.



Timing belts for use on cars and commercial vehicles designed for all types of petrol and diesel engines.


Brake Shoes and Brake Cylinders

With a wide range of brake shoes and brake cylinders IPS is able to fully meet the market demands.


Joints and Caps

A wide range of joints and caps for any kind of application. IPS joints help dampen vibrations and compensate for movement between the moving mechanical parts, ensuring quiet operation and high reliability. IPS Parts caps are able to adapt to the joint to be protected and are constructed with materials resistant to sudden changes in temperature, water and lubricating oils and can withstand prolonged mechanical stress.



IPS filters are manufactured in highly controlled conditions, ensuring dimensional stability, a perfect fit in the filter boxes and no by-pass around the filter is not filtered.


Rods and Suspensions

Bearings, Couplings, Steering heads, Drive shafts.


Cruises Shafts

Cruises shafts for any application. The cruises are a cardan joint that allows to transmit rotary motion between two trees with geometric axes do not coincide.


Glow Plugs

The IPS glow plugs are designed to meet the needs of the diesel market in constant growth and ever-changing world.

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