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Valeo is the worlds n.1 clutch manufacture, no other company produces as many clutch kits as Valeo. Valeo is O.E on all French vehicles.


The Marque Of Quality

All Valeo clutches are manufactured to a TOTAL QUALITY standard set by
Valeo Group, which ensures that they adhere to the highest specification. These
quality standards guarantee that all Valeo clutches are:


  • 100% new & tested
    You can be sure of reliability and effciency because every Valeo clutch kit is covered by a full, unlimited mileage, 2 year warranty

  • 100% asbestos free
    Ensuring safety and respecting the environment

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  • A smoother, comfortable ride
    Investing in constant research and development to reduce noise and vibration and enhance driver comfort through better gear change.

  • Built fo a longer like
    Through vigorous testing standards, the Valeo clutch is built to survive

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  • Designed for driver power & heat resistance
    Valeo clutches accomodate modern torque requirements and perform in the most hostile operating environments.

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SAFFIOTI Shipment Warehouse

Our ultramodern shipment department allow us to rapidly carry out orders


A wide range of spare parts immediately available and technical specialized staff is at your disposition

SAFFIOTI Valeo Storehouse

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